Monday, August 9, 2010

A semi-serious post.

     Hello, my darlings. I've been perusing some womens' magazines lately and I've found a very disturbing trend. Time and time again, I see our gender still bending to the will and desire of the men around us. It makes me sick. We are equals in this world today; or so you have been taught. In the corporate world, men are still paid more than their women co-workers. Even if the woman is a CEO, her fellow male CEO would get a higher salary.
     My dear mother has informed me that in the medical profession, women are paid just as highly, but most patients are uneasy with the thought of female physicians. She had a few leave and ask for a male doctor.
      Among teenagers in high school, boys will often rate the girls around them based on their looks. I don't know if I've ever been rated, but I'd imagine I'd get a low score, seeing as I'm not 'normal' and don't have a high social standing with the boys who engage in such activities. We are being treated as cattle, being judged on whether or not we're valuable.
     In magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour, there is a plethora of articles based around how to please a man. How to please him during sex, how to win his heart, how to be a 'cool' girlfriend. Ladies, it seems that it is no different now than it was a hundred years ago. Sure, people tell you sexism is dead. That is a load of lies. Society tells us to be quiet, not burden our man with our feelings and emotions. We are still meant to be seen and not heard. Now, I've even looked in mens' magazines and websites, and there is not a lot about how to please a woman, how to be a good husband/partner, about how to win her heart in a gallant and chivalrous fashion. Thank the feminists for beating manners out of them.
      Very rarely will I be in public and have a young man hold the door for me. And I don't mean propping it open behind them. I mean waiting for you to go through the door and then entering. I've never heard of a man asking how he could be better to his female partner. Do not get me wrong, I've met plenty of wonderful and mannerly young gentlemen, but not nearly enough. Men don't seem to want to woo women anymore. They want to look good enough to have us for a night. And if a man sleeps with many women, he gets cheers and titles with positive connotations from his friends. But should a girl do it, oh no! You harlot! Society shuns you for your scandalous behavior. Now tell me what's wrong with that picture.
      Call me a Nazi feminist, call me an old fashioned hag, call me 'like, uncool dude!" But I still feel the very same about these heinous issues still plaguing the world.