Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life Is Happy. Don't Be a DoomCookie

     I remember dabbling in sad poetry and hating the world, thinking everyone was out to get me. But honestly, Gothdom should be happy. So what if we like to hang out in graveyards? They're peaceful, the tombstones are beautiful and full of history, and, who knows, we might just be keeping the dead company. It doesn't mean we hope for death to sweep us up in her wings and spirit us to Hades. That's just silly. Sure, life sucks. It sucks. I'm having one of the worst days today, filled with depression, fights with someone I love, and that annoying rain that can't become more than a mist. But heck, I'm going to go sew, make cookies, and enjoy life.
     We (us Goths) are viewed as people who look for every opportunity to commit suicide or participate in a school shooting. This needs to stop. We are probably the most thoughtful and intelligent subculture in the world. We have nothing to gain from suicide or homicide. Life is too short to be spent doing idiotic things. Don't let someone else dictate what you do or how you think because all they know about is a stereotype. Kick them hard in the shins, then offer them tea. At least, that's what I'd do. I understand that many people suffer from depression. Some more than others. But they should be surrounded with love and things that make them happy, no matter how they are dressed.
     Life gets better than it is right now. But it doesn't happen if we just sit there. I encourage everyone to try religion. I, personally, am a devout Christian, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Spirituality is a beautiful thing that gives purpose to a life.
     Here's a To-Do list that I'm giving you if you feel depressed:
  • Bake something. No joke. Sugar and carbohydrates boost moods
  • Create something. Anything. Paint, draw, write, sew, sculpt, plant. It will give you a sense of success.
  • Laugh. Yup, cliche. But it works. 
  • Physical activity. Hula hoop, jog, bike. Everything works.
  • Be around animals. They are said to lower depression, and they are some of the best friends on the planet.
   I will be honest with you, this post was actually to motivate myself. But I can share my advice. :3 Stay classy.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

     I'm really tired. But I thought I'd post something. I need something to write about. Permanently. It's sad when this is all I can think of to write. Here's a picture of a hedgehog for your troubles. I'm off.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Secret Blog Post of Secrety Seeeccrreeetttssss

     I'm not supposed to be writing right now, but screw it, I'm bored. But I would like to promote a really cool website that is fairly common in the Elegant Gothic Aristocrat and Steampunk communities. (I don't know why I do these free ads when I don't get paid -_- )

The Gentleman's Emporium is a fantastic site...if you have the money. It's got a lot of really well made garments and their hats are to DIE for. No joke, I think I should sell a kidney for the Victorian Top Hat.

Victorian Top Hat, Black [000479] 
     I seem to be more interested in the mens' clothing, rather than that of the more feminine persuasion. 
Regency Brocade Tailcoat -  Black [001906] 
     If my boyfriend dressed this classy, heck, if all boys dressed this classy, I would be a very happy DoomCookie. But alas, I'll just have to beat some fashion sense into the unfortunate souls of the men I encounter. I'm working on sewing my own tail coat, but it's the first time I've sewed anything with a lining, so it may need some reworking.  I gotta skeedaddle. Ciao!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Am Only Capable of Making Sugary Things...

     I forgot to put up some photos of some food I've made in the last few months. Not super exciting, but I need a more concrete theme to blog about. But hey, five subscribers. Better than when I started.

     I did mini chocolate bundts with vanilla yogurt and strawberries, jam tarts and pockets with blackberry and strawberry jam, and raspberry tartlets with raspberry creme. These are spaced apart a bit, time wise. Sorry, but I don't remember where I got most of the recipes. But I encourage you all to start baking more and to get creative. Summer is coming, but for us Goths/Nerds/Freaks, it's time for our imaginations to run wild! (Now someone please slap me for how horribly cliche I just was.)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Product Reviews Are Pretty Fun

     Okay, so back with some more product reviews and a little show and tell. I recently purchased Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail polish strips in Laced Up. It's got this cute little flower lace print on a cream colored background.

     They are fairly easy to apply. You just peel off the stickers and place the strips on your nails, lining them up with the cuticles. Then you file/rip the excess off. I like the fact that each strip has a different part of the lacy design, some with leaves, some with flowers. But there's too much packaging and it's kind of expensive. I paid $8.95 for this. They flake off pretty easily and I even used a protective top coat. My verdict: these are fun for an evening, but they could stay on longer.
     On to more purchases I made today. I bought some patterns from Simplicity, like their two new Victorian dress patterns and Butterick's glove pattern. (Oh the things you will find if you just look in the costume section.) So...Yup. Pretty good day. Except I have a cold. But I'm beginning to think that everyone perpetually has colds. Go do something productive.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Belated Post and a Product Review!

     Okay, I'm back. I think. But anyways, I've been doing some projects, and I got my Austria cosplay done! And I'm making a black velvet frock coat. But I'll go on to the product review. I am currently eating Moonstruck milk chocolate and it is a beautiful confection. Very smooth, with the right amount of bitter and the right amount of sweet. I tried their dark chocolate espresso and it was pretty fan-freakin'-tastic! I'm not a big one for dark chocolate, but this was a perfect balance again of bitter and sweet along with coffee and cocoa.
     I am actually eating a bar of it, but these are adorable. They're made locally in Portland, Oregon and I think that's so cool since I live near here.