Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life Is Happy. Don't Be a DoomCookie

     I remember dabbling in sad poetry and hating the world, thinking everyone was out to get me. But honestly, Gothdom should be happy. So what if we like to hang out in graveyards? They're peaceful, the tombstones are beautiful and full of history, and, who knows, we might just be keeping the dead company. It doesn't mean we hope for death to sweep us up in her wings and spirit us to Hades. That's just silly. Sure, life sucks. It sucks. I'm having one of the worst days today, filled with depression, fights with someone I love, and that annoying rain that can't become more than a mist. But heck, I'm going to go sew, make cookies, and enjoy life.
     We (us Goths) are viewed as people who look for every opportunity to commit suicide or participate in a school shooting. This needs to stop. We are probably the most thoughtful and intelligent subculture in the world. We have nothing to gain from suicide or homicide. Life is too short to be spent doing idiotic things. Don't let someone else dictate what you do or how you think because all they know about is a stereotype. Kick them hard in the shins, then offer them tea. At least, that's what I'd do. I understand that many people suffer from depression. Some more than others. But they should be surrounded with love and things that make them happy, no matter how they are dressed.
     Life gets better than it is right now. But it doesn't happen if we just sit there. I encourage everyone to try religion. I, personally, am a devout Christian, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Spirituality is a beautiful thing that gives purpose to a life.
     Here's a To-Do list that I'm giving you if you feel depressed:
  • Bake something. No joke. Sugar and carbohydrates boost moods
  • Create something. Anything. Paint, draw, write, sew, sculpt, plant. It will give you a sense of success.
  • Laugh. Yup, cliche. But it works. 
  • Physical activity. Hula hoop, jog, bike. Everything works.
  • Be around animals. They are said to lower depression, and they are some of the best friends on the planet.
   I will be honest with you, this post was actually to motivate myself. But I can share my advice. :3 Stay classy.

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