Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Secret Blog Post of Secrety Seeeccrreeetttssss

     I'm not supposed to be writing right now, but screw it, I'm bored. But I would like to promote a really cool website that is fairly common in the Elegant Gothic Aristocrat and Steampunk communities. (I don't know why I do these free ads when I don't get paid -_- )

The Gentleman's Emporium is a fantastic site...if you have the money. It's got a lot of really well made garments and their hats are to DIE for. No joke, I think I should sell a kidney for the Victorian Top Hat.

Victorian Top Hat, Black [000479] 
     I seem to be more interested in the mens' clothing, rather than that of the more feminine persuasion. 
Regency Brocade Tailcoat -  Black [001906] 
     If my boyfriend dressed this classy, heck, if all boys dressed this classy, I would be a very happy DoomCookie. But alas, I'll just have to beat some fashion sense into the unfortunate souls of the men I encounter. I'm working on sewing my own tail coat, but it's the first time I've sewed anything with a lining, so it may need some reworking.  I gotta skeedaddle. Ciao!

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