Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I felt like writing.

     Oh my goodness, I love cheese...I'm eating extra sharp white cheddar at the moment. Yummy yummy! Anyways, on to a sport I recently started! It's called Parkour. It's French. It's the sport of getting from point A to point B as gracefully and efficiently as possible.
     So, imagine you were being chased through...New York City. Your pursuer is coming up fast, and you have to climb up walls, change directions quickly, and dodge obstacles. Think urban Ninja. My cohorts and I enjoy this sport a lot, and I have excellent coaches! I, being the lazy lout I am, find this sport to actually be practical and enriching. I'm no tracer, but I plan on taking this for a long time.
     You'll be proud of me when you hear of my latest cooking exploits! *drum roll*...........I microwaved a chicken pot pie! I know, I'm in tears. But honestly, I am a pretty good cook, not to blow my own horn. But I haven't felt the drive to do anything about it. So...yes, that's all I have for tonight. See you later!

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