Friday, December 10, 2010

About Little Miss Adora Batbrat and Nightwish

      I was lurking around Youtube and I came across a new video by the ElectroGoth Queen of Youtube, Adora Batbrat! Unfortunately, her cat just died, and I think it hit her pretty hard. Well, she'll be in my prayers. But I think that she is very pretty in an unusual sort of way, what with her eyebrows gone and her hair changing colors faster than your brain can process them. She's always so creative with her make up and such.
This is a link to one of my favorite tutorials that she's done: 

     On to other things, I have been liking Nightwish for a long time. But now that it is sans Tarja, I haven't been interested in their new music. I've been wanting to explore more of their music, but for some reason, I have this fear of listening to new music. It just seems so tedious. I want to pose a question, though; have you ever been inspired by music to created a craft or fashion? I'd like to get a glimpse into your minds, so comment away, my darlings~! Tah tah for now.

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