Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh, I just remembered I have a blog...

     Oops! Sorry to the four of you who read my little journal, I just haven't had that burst of creative cocaine in quite a while, but I was glancing up at my toolbar and cried a tear. But I'm back. I should probably find a theme for this so I don't just have verbal diarrhea every time I pull up Blogger. It'd be fun to do this with someone else as well. I feel so alone on the Internet! But I bought my BJD! He's an eLUTS Kid Delf that I adopted from a friend and his name is Nicholai.  He's so sweet, but he needs a new wig, not just his wavy pink one *shudders*. My dog is being an obnoxious...Okay, disregard that whole thing. I was talking with L and he suggested I did my blog about crafting, cosplay, and clothing! And, obviously, I want to put my own whimsically dark twist on it. And maybe through in random nerdy outbursts about my fandoms. So yes! My next post will be relating to that! Good bye.

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